Friday, August 22, 2008

Engineering Field Mode (EFEM) in A780

1° Dowload from phone Seem 0032_0001. Check bits 4,5,6&7 offset 44. Upload to phone.

2° In your TFlash you should have this hidden folder /system/Qtdownload/ if you already installed LinLoader (see Yantz Topics). If not create it.

Under Qtdownload create a new folder "fem". Create an icon size 32*32 png for your new application and copy "efem" that you will find by telneting in /usr/SYSqtapp/ap_tcmd/ in this new folder.

3° In your TFlash add to /system/java/PlugcardDB this

AllPosition = 202
BigIcon = fem.png
Directory = fem
Exec = efem
Group = 3
Icon = fem-sm.png
InstalledDate = 2005/9/26
JavaId = -1
Mime =
MpkgFile =
Name = EngField
OsVersion =
Position = 1
Rotation =
Shared = 0
Size = 24K
Type = 4
uid = 100001000

It's quite finished. You create your new Icon named EngField.
Tap on it and you will have the next screens I join.
For enabling Efem receiver that allows you to see the active cell and neighbours cells and all attached parameters check in FTS Options Eng Field Mode On.
Then you only have to press the Homme Button at the right side of tour phone and the parameter creen appears. Use the scroll button to defile.


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