Friday, August 8, 2008

Symbian Hack: HelloCarbide, ROMPatcher and installserver all-in-one pack

Hack Symbian with HelloCarbide and ROMPatcher
Of all the methods to toggle the broken Symbian restrictions on your phone on and off, ROMPatcher is the most versatile: it allows you to apply all sorts of customisations by dropping a simple file into the right folder, instead of having to edit system files by hand.

Unfortunately, Nokia's latest firmware updates prevented the installation of AppTRK on your phone, and this used to be necessary to transfer ROMPatcher from your computer to your phone.

But not anymore. A day or two ago our arsenal of Symbian hacking tools was extended by the HelloCarbide hack, which lets you open up Symbian just by running a .sisx file on your phone. No phone-to-computer connection through AppTRK required anymore.

We already had a simple method to install unsigned .sis packages, and now ROMPatcher itself is available as a .sisx file which works on just about any Symbian S60 v3 phone that has been set free with HelloCarbide.


1) Extract the zip, copy the three files from the zip to your phone's memory card
2) Open a file browser like X-Plore and KEEP IT RUNNING
3) Run Run HelloCarbide, go to options, then choose menu1. HelloCarbide will crash after it's done its job. Don't worry about that.
4) Switch to X-Plore and copy installserver.exe into the c:\sys\bin\ folder of your phone.
5) Restart your phone.
6) Install ROMPatcher.sisx and enjoy all the freedom that ROMPatcher gives you.

- New version of ROMPatcher that supports more phones
- New version of ROMPatcher with autostart option



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nice Info.THX

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